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Everyone wants the greenest yard in town. How about the healthiest, safest and greenest. Drought, heat and cold tolerant, no thatch, or aerating. We would recommend using a combination of our 3-1-5 Luscious Lawn & Garden™ and our 9-0-0 Luscious Lawn Corn Gluten for the first three years. After three years, only the 3-1-5 is need to maintain your 5-star yard. Apply the 3-1-5, 3 times per season. First spring application; apply 20# per 1000# sq ft, 10# per 1000 sq ft at the beginning of summer and again beginning of fall. Optional 4th application in late fall is always good during the first 3 year building process. The 9-0-0 Corn Gluten should go down mid spring, when ground temps are passing through 50 degrees F at a rate of 20# per 1000 sq ft. Apply again in September or October. Best about 60 days prior to your average first frost date.


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