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May, 2006

Spring is busting out all over!

April was a very mild month for most of us in the US. It was a bit dry but over all very pleasant.

Tomato planting time is here and now. Be sure to check the Bradfield Organics® formula for planting and fertilizer recommendations. You will be pleasantly surprised at the results if you follow these directions. It doesn’t matter what variety you plant or what part of the country you live the results will be the same if you follow the directions. Be sure to build strong cages as the plants will over run them.

You can also plant peppers and egg plants near the cages for their support too. If you have questions give us a call. You might add additional calcium in the hole to ward off the blight. Don’t forget to water every other day in the heat of the summer.

Question: I’m new to the area. What variety of tomatoes do well here?

Answer: Better Boy and Celebrity do well about every where. Both are resistant to Fusarium/Verticillum wilt and nematodes. Better Boy is indeterminate, meaning that it is a vine that continues to grow until it is killed by a frost. Celebrity is determinate, meaning that it grows to a certain size, sets fruit and then declines. Those who plant determinate tomatoes usually plant a second crop at the middle of June.

Question: I want to plant flowers around my oak tree. Can I add top soil and make a raised be?

Answer: You can add 2” of top soil around a tree for a flower bed. Any more soil on top of the roots of the tree will deprive them of oxygen and the tree will slowly die. Be sure to plant flowers that need shade and water them extra. A good fertilizer to use would be Bradfield Organics® 3-1-5 when planting and again in mid-summer.

Question: After my peonies bloom, how long must I leave the foliage on the plants?

Answer: The Foliage should be lift on the peony plants until it is killed by a frost in autumn.

Question: What can I do about the brown spots in my Bermuda grass lawn?

Answer: Apply Bradfield Organics® 3-1-5 at the rate of 20# per 1000 ft. Double apply the Bradfield Organics® 3-1-5 on the areas where the brown spots persist.

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