Applications: Science of Soils

Biochemist Cary Reams developed a scientific formula for building fertility in soils no matter what type or location. His formula, called the Reams Ratios, has proven to be effective all over the world. If you  aspire to obtain these ratios you will see remarkable success. The ratios are Calcium to Phosphate five to one, and Phosphate to Potassium two to one. Calcium is the most important nutrient in the plant system and should be present at a minimum of two thousand pounds per acre. Divide the desired calcium content by five to give you the desired phosphate level (2000 lb/acre divided by 5 = 400 lbs/acre phosphate). Divide Phosphate by two to obtain the desired amount of Potassium (400 lbs/acre divided by 2 = 200 lbs/acre potassium). If these ratios are maintained, other elements will be available without being toxic. It is the ratio, rather than the absolute amount, that is critical. For instance, calcium levels can be up to ten thousand pounds per acre , and as long as phosphate is one-fifth of that and potassium is one-half of the phosphate, all will be well. The other major Reams tenet is to establish as much organic and biological matter as possible. High quality compost is the best way to establish biologically active soils. Bradfield Organics® 3-1-5 is not only an excellent fertilizer but an excellent biological activator. It has the qualities of a slow release fertilizer and yet it will not burn or dehydrate the soil. Since the 3-1-5 basically feeds the microbes, the microbes feed the plants, it can be used in any and all plant systems. Mulching when and where possible is also recommended.

Recommended Reading

Biologic Ionization as Applied to Farming and Soil Management by Dr. A.F. Beddoe
Science In Agriculture by Arden Andersen


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