Soil Basics - How it Works

1. The Symbiotic Decay-Nutrition Cycle

2. Water Uptake

3. Ions, Nutrition and all that “Scary” Chemistry

4. Who are these Microbes, and what are they doing in my Soil?

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General Application Principles

The basic principle of Bradfield Organics® fertilizers is to build quality nutrient and biologically rich soils. The general recommendations below are guidelines that will give you a 3-star performance the first year and move gradually over 3 to 4 years to a 5-star level of performance. Increasing your application dose (a double dose is always acceptable) will only move you quicker to the higher level of performance. As in nature, there is no bad time to start building your soils. Applying when it's hot, cold, wet or dry, makes no difference in the long run. We generally recommend our Bradfield Organics® fertilizers be applied at 40# per 1000 sq ft (19.6 kg per 100 sq meters), on an annual basis, for a minimum dose. 120# per 1000 sq ft (59 kg per 100 sq meters) annually would be a maximum dose for any growing situation. These amounts can be applied over 3 to 4 applications (generally at 90 day intervals) per season as your schedule permits. If you chose the maximum dose and maintain that level for three years, our expectation is that you should see a high quality and easily sustainable lawn or garden with a very low dose (probably 20# to 30#) annually for long term maintenance.

The above applies to any combination of our products you choose to use.

Spreader Settings


5 LBS/1000 SQ FT

10 LBS/1000 SQ FT




Agway/Earthway 2030



Agway SB4000-6000



Scotts Easy-Green



Scotts Speedy-Green, Edge-Guard









These are approximate settings and are provided only as a guide. Variations in walking speed, physical characteristics of the fertilizer, roughness of the ground

Science of Soils: Reams ratios & biology theories

References and Recommended Reading

Soil Basics - How it Works from Bradfield Organics®

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The Organic Method Primer by Bargyla & Gylver Rateaver

These books and many more can be found at or call toll free 1-800 -355-5313  

Soil Testing

Testing your soil is very important after the first year on the Bradfield Organics® program to determine if any specific minerals are needed. Below is a short list of companies that provide soil testing services.

Logan Lab,
Texas Plant & Soil Lab,
Dr. Good Earth,


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