acid adoring™ 4-5-4



Bradfield Organics®
Acid Adoring™ 4-5-4 Natural Fertilizer

Net Wt. 5 lb (2.27kg) - Now available in 25 lb.

• For plants that love acidic soil
• Supports showy blooms, rich foliage and tasty fruit
• Easy to use

Bradfield Organics® Acid Adoring™ fertilizer is a premium natural fertilizer designed for azaleas, rhododendrons, camellias, hydrangeas, gardenias, evergreens, holly, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, dogwoods, magnolias and all plants that love a low soil pH. Rich in micronutrients, including iron, it supports optimal growth and production.

One pound contains 2 cups of product.


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For new plants, add 1 cup Bradfield Organics® Acid Adoring™ fertilizer per 5 gallons of soil. After planting, sprinkle an additional ½ cup fertilizer around the base of the plant, then apply mulch.

For established plants, top-dress monthly during the growing season with 1 cup Bradfield Organics® Acid Adoring™ fertilizer per foot of plant height or branch spread. Gently work into the mulch at the base of the plant. Since many acid-loving plants have surface roots, .try not to disturb the soil.

For new berry plants, apply 1 lb Bradfield Organics® Acid Adoring™ fertilizer per 50 feet of row space at planting and 30 days later. For established berry rows, broadcast 2 to 3 lbs per 50 feet of row space once in the spring, before growth starts, and once again in May.


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Total Nitrogen (N)....................................


4% water insoluble nitrogen


Available Phosphate (P2O5)......................


Soluble Potash (K2O)...............................


Total Iron (Fe)


Made from feed-grade ingredients. Nutrients for this product are derived from cottonseed meal, soft rock phosphate, meat meal, magnesium potassium sulfate, feather meal, alfalfa, molasses, fish meal, blood meal, kelp meal.




Product is a coarse powder.



Bradfield Organics® offers a full line of organic and natural fertilizer products to meet your needs. From Lawn, to Lawn & Garden and Pasture fertilization, our products produce results that you can see for years to come. We’re always researching and developing new formulas so make sure to ask your retailer about Bradfield Organics®, where we “Do What Comes Naturally” every day.



Bradfield Organics® appreciates your business. If you are not satisfied with this product, please return it to the place of purchase for replacement or a full refund or call 1-800-551-9564 for more information.

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Manufactured by: PMI Nutrition International, LLC • P.O. Box 19798 • Brentwood, MO 63144

Congratulations! You’ve just purchased a recyclable package from Bradfield Organics®. To recycle this package, please remove all strings. Package can be shredded and used as mulch for your garden or taken to your local recycling center. Package was printed using soy-based inks.

PRODUCT CODE: #0066410 5 lb

PRODUCT CODE: #0026404 25 lb

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